29 November 2008

Turn That Frown Upside Down!

The New York Times is a constant source of delight for me. Well, Thursday thru Sunday, that is. Those other days can be a bit lean on the delight and heavy on the sad, sorrowful and cynical.

One example of a delightful find found in the NY times is an article entitled "No Frown Is Left Unturned" (13 Nov). Seems a Brooklyn-based store called Fred Flare has a knack for selling quirky knick-knacks guaranteed to, well, make you smile. Oh how I love their site and all of the random treasures neatly organized both by price and subject. If you are bored and surfing the net, please do take a moment to acquaint yourself with the various treats offered by Mr. Flare at fredflare.com.

You may stumble upon Nancy Drew's Guide to Life:

Or perhaps an Edgar Allen Poe action figure:

Or, if you are really lucky, this incredible tennis racket cover:

Hilarious Christmas gifts, anymore?

18 November 2008

I Want to Marry This Video

Although, I will make it sleep on the couch for at least one night as penance for using the term "douchebag" in the video. People! That is the most lame term ever. Stop using it. I am using "toolbox" instead and will allow you to use it also.

The Art of Loquacity

I've developed yet another bizarre quirk, folks. I write words that interest me or hold meanings I do not know on an index card or on my hand before adding them to a list of words (and definitions!) I keep in a notebook. Some people collect spoons, others collect cars. I collect words.

Here are some words that have recently joined my collection:


OK so not all of these words will impress the fab new people you meet at your next cocktail party, but I don't care. I like them and I try to use them in regular sentences like a regular person.

"I'm not being sardonic with I say that dress is totes a major gaffe and makes her look like she had a desultory shopping excursion that caused her to buy the first ridic thing that fit."

In other news, please check out the EP called "Curse Your Little Heart" by Devotchka. It is beautifully incandescent.

12 November 2008

Taking Back My Cardigans

If you're anything like me, your life is set to music. The album you listened to everyday in the car on the way to your first job. The song that played incessantly on the radio during the summer between your sophomore and junior years at university. The break-up song, the make-up song, and on and on they go.

A couple of years ago I got into The Cardigans. Not that poppy song from Romeo and Juliet, but one of their albums in particular called Long Gone Before Daylight. I noticed a song title called "And Then You Kissed Me" on a friend's iTunes playlist at work and was intrigued.

The album, I found out, was poetic, a bit dark and emotionally raw. It was as if I was reading diary entries written by a more articulate version of me. I loved it and played it constantly. And then a boy was rather unkind to me. The album became my refuge. I would plug in my iPod and walk up and down the beach in Santa Monica after work, listening to it again and again. This album was what I wanted to say to this particular boy, but couldn't quite muster up the nerve without turning red in the face and stammering. So I just listened to the album until I was ready to shake the dust off my sandals and move on.

Every so often since that time, one of the songs would appear in my shuffle list. Sometimes I fast-forwarded, sometimes I didn't. But I couldn't listen to any of these songs without going right back there to that foggy time. About a month ago, however, I decided enough was enough. That boy was a punk and who was he to mar this beautiful collection of songs I had come to treasure?

So I took back my beloved Cardigans CD. Now I listen to it often and form new memories with each song: Autumn drives in the mountains, finding my courage again and locking myself in my sister's old room to write every night.

And let me just say, this album is too freaking good to let a few not-so-great memories ruin it. If you haven't listened to it yet, here is my shameless plug on behalf of this group of Swedes. Get it. Listen to it. I think you'll like it.

What to look for in the record store: