11 May 2010

I Take and Take and Never Give Back

Dear Internet,

Yes. I know. You are very cross with me. This relationship has become one-sided. I just take and take from you (in the form of watching music videos and reading articles and laughing at blogs). And I never give back. I'll try to be better. Promise.

In the meantime--a thought. You know how sometimes you listen to a song and you're just hooked by a line or a note? You think, "WOW! This song is so moving." Or you think, "What does THAT mean?" Then you (well, you're the Internet, so I mainly refer to myself) look up the lyrics. That song that was so clever turns out to be kinda dumb. The weird lyric turns out to be kinda poetic.

Internet, I discovered a couple of songs like that this week. They are from "Boxer" by a band called The National.

1."Green Gloves"
I love the bass line in this song.

2.Then there was "Slow Show"
I hear this bit, and it made me laugh: "wanna hurry home to you put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up"
And then I read the rest of they lyrics, and they weren't as sweet of an image. Oh well.

3."Racing Like a Pro"
I thought the lyric was, "you're racing like a pronoun." Huh? Turns out the lyric is, "you're racing like a pro now." Internet, you'd make the same mistake, too, right?

So forgive me for being a selfish friend, Internet. I'll write you soon. Hopefully tomorrow as the boss is away!

My love forever,
Elisabeth but never Liz