16 June 2010

Hello, From the Friend Zone

This past Sunday, I saw a friend of mine named Michael. Our conversation went like this:

"Hey, Elisabeth."

"Hey, Dude!"

And that is why I am writing to you as a permanent resident of the "friend zone."

03 June 2010

A Visit From the Sibs

My sister and brother are coming to visit on Friday. I anticipate we will do the following:

*Please note this list is not conclusive, is likely to change and will certainly involve some bickering*

Eat at In N Out. My money is on a trip to In N Out right after they land. Bless the person who thought to put an In N Out right.by.the.airport!

Try some delish Mexican food.

Go see a movie, preferably at the Landmark. That's my fave place to see a flick in this town.

Eat at In N Out again. My brother will demand it.

Have a treat at Pinkberry. I will demand it.

I'll point out all the people who are crazy as hell in this town. (Too soon for the MJ poster? My friend Alex thinks so but not me!)

Smog. Crazy people. Food from trucks. I'll introduce the sibs to another LA institution.

On my wish list: sushi at Katsuya. DELISH!

In N Out. Again. Because we can't pass the In N Out by the airport and say no.

The beach. 'Nuff said.

Also, we plan on taking in a Dodger game. I would say that we are planning on taking in a U2 concert, but that got postponed to who-knows-when.

Wow. My list includes a lot of food. Good thing today was workout Wednesday!