28 March 2011

Ever Feel Like This?

Pretty much sums up my month! What a sweet girl.

About to Take a Leap of Faith

Somehow I stumbled across this post on the world wide web, and I am delighted. As a reader, I applaud Penguin for their creativity when it comes to cover artwork. It is exciting to see artists given freedom to create, and this project is just that. I hope to have that freedom for myself very soon.

Work has been tough lately. Not because of workload or because of the actual work, but because I am stuck. I feel taken for granted, overlooked, and it is painful to know I have been lied to by people I trusted. As for my next step, I am not certain. 4 of the 5 schools I applied to have sent rejection letters (or emails. how tacky). Sigh. Tomorrow is another day!

Photo belongs to the talented Jillian Tamaki, an illustrator and cartoonist. Image used with permission.

03 March 2011

Viva La Paris

This video is making the rounds on blogs written by Americans living in Paris. Somehow it captures exactly 2 minutes and 7 seconds of Parisian magic.

Le Flâneur (music by The XX) from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

Video by the talented Luke Shepard, a student at American University of Paris. Found via the lovely blog, Pret a Voyager For a behind-the-scenes look at the video, go here.

01 March 2011

Gorgeous Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Ah, Spring. You're just around the corner with your golden evenings, sprays of roadside flowers, lunches outdoors, and a version of Interstate 10 clogged up with sun worshipers looking for a patch of dirt by the sea. Spring in LA. It's just like summer but a little cooler and with less smog.

This lovely image can live on your desktop too, thanks to Shanna Murray.