29 December 2010

Pretty Much the Cutest Idea for a Wedding Cake Topper. Ever.

First, can I just say how much I love blogs? I learn so much and feel as though I travel to beautiful faraway places each time I check in with my favorite bloggers.

Saw the above image on A Cup of Jo, which is one glorious wee corner of the web. The image is originally from a blog called Sweet Paul. Apparently Paul is chasing the sweet things in life. Wise man, that Paul. Original post is here. Another gem from sweet ol' Paul and reposted by Cup of Jo is this clever idea.

I'm currently making a list of wonderful things to see and do in LA for my friend K. She visits next week, and I'm very excited. I'll share that list with ya soon. LA can be confusing and spread out and overwhelming, but it really is a lovely place to explore.

20 December 2010

When The Weather Matches Your Mood

Heard it has been raining like mad back in L.A. Here in South Carolina, the skies are clear, and the air is cold. I've taken to wearing a big puffy coat from L.L. Bean with a faux fur collar around the hood. Anna Wintour would surely approve of the faux fur. For those who have never experienced L.A. in the rain, you've missed an interesting thing. People are on edge. Not the razor edge you find with the Santa Ana Winds, but a eery when-is-the-other-show-gonna drop edge. Or a this-is-cool-for-an-hour-now-when's-it-gonna-stop edge. For the few of us who absolutely love the stuff, rain is a welcome change from the sameness that is the climate of L.A. We don't have seasons, we don't have weather. We have climate. Dear Angelenos: it will pass soon. Promise. 'Til then, take this opportunity to curl up with a good book, slow down and maybe enjoy a warm coffee beverage from Coffee Bean/Starbucks and be joyful you aren't suffering thru chattering teeth and snow. See, there's a rainbow at the end of all this rain after all--you aren't in North Dakota.

Tomorrow I'm off to North Carolina to visit a dear friend from college and her brand new baby girl, Stella. Then I'll head to my grandmother's house. There's bound to be a river to pass over and woods to go thru.

Photo taken somewhere in the stretch of sea between Italy and Greece on a very windy day just before a terrible storm. A storm with apocalyptic rain, waves and wind. I was younger then and sulking about something. Probably about having my picture taken.

07 December 2010

Window Into Another World

I found myself talking about The Satorialist several times over the past weekend. At one point, I commented on how alike the patrons of Intelligentsia in Venice and the people of The Satorialist, frozen forever on street corners, were. A quick scroll through the blog offers a glance at so many fascinating stories--snapshots of people taking risks, people making statements, people blissfully unaware.

The above picture has become a favorite, an image I share with just about anyone who comes by my desk for a chat. I adore that wee boy's half smile, the way he tugs at his shorts, the pom poms on his socks. He reminds me so much of all that I love about Madrid: the classic architecture, the vibrant personality of the city, and the constant juxtaposition of history and present-day.

Image found here and taken by this very talented gentleman.

03 December 2010

Made it to Friday

Time for a nap.

Image found at Lolita

02 December 2010

My Dreams Are Built On This

Wow. This picture pretty much sums up the substance of my dreams: stories. And I'm not just talking about the dreams you enjoy while sleeping. I daydream about characters I've met in novels, writing my own stories, and piecing together the stories of everyone around me.

Want to make sure all the credit due is given for this photo. I found it on Style Me Pretty, a wonderful blog that centers on weddings and happens to be a great source of inspiration for design. The photo was taken by the talented people at Mango Studios in conjunction with the clever people at One Fine Day.